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Score 44


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Hey guys and gals! I'm Chris, I play drums and sing for my band, Score 44. I was born on July 17,1987 in Salem, but i later moved to Rowley and then to Merrimac(which is where i live now). I started the band along with Tev in 2001. I've been playin the drums for like only a year but im really not that bad(i promise). The guys in my band are just about my best friends. Yet I am still the hottest member of the group, i deal with all the girls. I like a little metal, Indie Rock, Punk, Emo, and Michael Jackson; and a little hip-hop every now and then. I like to skateboard, snowboard, and listen/play to music. I wanna say hey to all my friends at school, most of you guys are pretty cool and supportive, so thats pretty cool. SEE YA!

~Name: Christopher Charles Power "Happy Feet"
~Born: July 17, 1987
~Equipment: Coda Shells, Evans Heads, 14" Sabian Hi-hats, 8" Sabian Splash, 20" Sabian Ride, 16" And 18" Zildjian Crashes, And A Tama Piccalo Snare.
~Years Playing: 1...since FEB 16 !
~Marital Status: Nope
~Likes: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, The Disney Channel, Fat Girls, and Forincation.
~Dislikes: Nic Cantone & his "drumming abilities", Limp Bizkit and many other "metal" bands like them, Writing Lab, Hurting himself, Broken Fans,"Swamp ass", and Snow Rash.
~Quote: "END IT !"
~Favorite Bands: Blink 182, NFG, The Get Up Kids, MxPx, Thursday, Saves The Day, The Juliana Theory, The Alkaline Trio, Midtown, Brand New, Hey Mercedes, Piebald, Sundaze, The Starting Line, Unwritten Law, Fake I.D., Further Seems Forever, The Ataris, and much, much more

You can reach me at or I/M me at xSCORE44x

Chris Is Confused

Chris Is Chillin

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